Miguel Henriques

President of FNABA

Miguel Henriques is President of FNABA, the Portuguese National Federation for Business Angels Clubs and Associations. He has been involved with the creation of new ventures for a long time now. From traditional industry to IT, health science, services or energy, he has always been an active part in the process of launching new companies, both as entrepreneur and investor. Miguel has also created a few incubators and different entrepreneurship contests, as early on as 1996.

He led a VC Fund for five years, as well as APCRI, the Portuguese Association for Venture Capital and Private Equity.

Miguel developed his managerial skills as an executive and CEO of large Portuguese companies in the environmental business, energy and financial investment. His basic skills as an economist, MBA and PhD researcher underpinned his vast professional experience which has provided him with the necessary expertise to read markets and devise the appropriate strategies to deal with them.

As an investor, his chief focus is the energy and environment sectors.

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