Lisbon Tech Week

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01 Speakers

Rodrigues Diaz Oscar

European Comission

Vanda Narciso


Gonçalo Mello

AICEP - FDI Executive Manager

António Saraiva

CIP - President

Ricardo Nobre

Cross Border Talents Founder

Hans-Jürgen Müller

ATEC - Executive Director

Linda Pereira

President of the Global Council for Women in Leadership

Vânia NETO

Microsoft Portugal

Miguel Henriques

President of FNABA

Vera Rodrigues

Europcar Business Services

ICT global Company - Human Resources Manager


Andreia Pinheiro

Cross Border Talents Academy - Business Developer (Junior courses)

João Gomes

Cross Border Talents Academy - Business Developer (Senior courses)

Marco Barata

Cross Border Talents Academy - Head of Recruitment ICT

Carla Silvestre

Cross Border Talents Academy - Head of Recruitment BPO/ICT

02 About

• Are you interested to know why more and more SME companies are choosing Portugal as a preferred destination for near shoring ICT and BPO delivery centers?
• Are you curious to know why thousands of students, graduates and experienced professional are moving to study and work in Lisbon, Portugal?

Join us in Lisbon – live or online - on June 21, 22 and 23 and get to know in advance the great job and investment opportunities available in the European capital that is hosting web summit 2016!

Heading the agenda: Employment, Capital and Europe

“LISBON TECH WEEK” works on the conditions that are paramount for a top innovation region. The programme 2016 – 2020 contains three priorities: an innovative approach to the employment market, more accessible capital for innovative companies and extend European cooperation.

The Employment theme

There is no innovation and international competitiveness without sufficient well qualified personnel. In that respect, Lisbon is confronted by relevant challenges. There is still more demand than supply when it comes to engineering and technology talent, especially in view of the rapid emergence of many new ICT- driven jobs. How is Lisbon overcoming such challenge?

The Capital theme

Access to capital for innovative SME Companies that want to grow is crucial for economic growth and employment. Also for Skilled Talent that wishes to relocate and work in Lisbon is important to experience a wide number of highly attractive job opportunities, which potential employers are supported by a professional network of public and private organizations.

• The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) has been set-up by the European Commission to manage on its behalf several EU programmes. The agency´s vision is; 'We aim to help create a more competitive and resource-efficient European economy based on knowledge and innovation’.

• The Enterprise Europe Network (represented in Portugal by IAPMEI) helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond. More than 600 member organisations, including chambers of commerce and industry, technology centres, universities and development agencies provide many free of charge services. Lisbon Tech Week event powered by Cross Border Talents Group strives to support SMES (and Talent willing to work in Lisbon for such SMEs) by having experts from EASME and IAPMEI explaining how SMEs can have access to capital (public, crowd funding etc) and how EEN local point of contact can support their activities.

The European Cooperation Theme

The European Union itself is "founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities in a society in which pluralism, non-discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and equality between women and men prevail.
Today when the foundations of Europe seems to be tested on a daily basis it is time for nowadays Europeans to be proud of what their antecessors have created and work together to contribute to solve the skills shortage drama imposed by the digital revolution.

By 2020 millions of Europeans are not going to fit the labour market because their skills have become obsolete due to industry 4.0.

Will the Europeans overcome such challenge? Yes. Lets work together on the how part.

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03 Schedule

09:00-17:15 Tuesday

8:30 | Registration
9:00 | Welcome and opening session

10:00 | Key note speaker - RODRIGUEZ DIAZ Oscar; European Commission (Horizon 2020 SME instrument)

EUROPA 2020 STRATEGY and how EASME is supporting SMEs achieving their goals + Q&A

10:30 | Key note speaker – Vanda Narciso; The Enterprise Europe Network (Portugal – IAPMEI)

Enterprise Europe Network, helping ambitious SME Innovate & Grow Internationally

11:00 | Key note speaker – NOBRE Ricardo; Founder of Cross Border Talents Group

How to contribute to solve the skills´shortage drama in Europe? + Q&A

11:45 - 12:30 | Panel 1 and Debate
   Moderator: Linda Pereira; President of the Global Council for Women in Leadership

The skills shortage drama and the impact on Europa 2020 employment strategy + Q&A

   European Commission – Oscar Rodriguez
   IAPMEI – Vanda Narciso
   AICEP - Gonçalo Mello
   CBT – Ricardo Nobre (Cross Border Talents Founder)

12:30 | Concluding remarks

12:45 | End of the hearing

14:30 - 17:15 Tuesday

14:30 | Key note speaker – RODRIGUES Vera HR Director; Europcar Business Services / SSC


15:30 | Key note speaker – SARAIVA António (Presidente); CIP (Confederação Empresarial de Portugal)

Employers’ adjustment to the digital revolution (industry 4.0) + Q&A

16:00 | Panel 1 and Debate
Moderator: Linda Pereira; President of the Global Council for Women in Leadership

Human Capital as a key differentiator to attract investment

   Aicep – Gonçalo Mello
   Europcar Business Services / SSC - Vera Rodrigues
   CIP – António Saraiva
   CB Talents ICT – Marco Barata

17:00| Concluding remarks

17:15| End of the hearing